Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Delusions of Grandeur

Has this happened to you lately? In one of your most idealistic day dreams you plan what seems to be the perfect day for YOU and your family and in the midst of the misery and disappointment you realize...wait a minute...whose day is this?...why am I so disappointed, annoyed, cranky, exhausted and on the verge of tears? Oh ya, that would be because I have forced my hubby and four small children into something that I should have done by myself or with just my hubby. Instead of a nice peaceful day enjoying the different sites (shopping, coffee shops, restaurants etc) in PT, we FROZE, park hopping in PT, to keep the kids happy, in what Brant says is typical PT weather. It was like 38 degrees, wet and blowing furiously...why oh why did we park hop??? My toes are still numb, my wrists and joints hurt from that freezing stiffness that comes with hanging out on the westside of WA state, and I feel terrible for dragging my kids to places they had NO interest in...except for the ice cream parlor...YES I did say ice cream. Fortunately the ice cream saved the day and we all ended up in our final transport home happy...happy to be in the warm car, and SO HAPPY to have had delicious Elevated Ice Cream. BTW, my perfectly perfect husband never complained once, and had an amazingly super cheerful attitude as we drug the kids and puppy all over PT...I love that man!

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Glory of Glass said...

Just wait till your kids get older