Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Life as Tage Understands It

While cutting Tage's hair tonight we had this conversation...

Mom: My goodness Tage you have a lot of hair! Why do you think you have so much hair?
Tage: Because I take so many baths!
Mom: Hey Brant Tage thinks he has a ton of hair because we make him take baths!
Tage: Dad, do you think I can stop taking baths?

Last night we were at my sister's and Tage was trying to convince his uncle Scott that he should get to stay the night...

Tage: Why can't I stay the night...I never get to
Scott: Because it is a school night
Tage with a lot of extra enthusiasm: No...No I don't go to school at night!

There you have it! Tage should never have to take a bath again thus stopping the growth of hair AND he does not go to school at night making sleep overs with cousins just fine during the week!

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Paula said...

Boys are born negotiators!
Love it!