Sunday, December 7, 2008

8th Day of Advent - The Progressive Tree

1The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, … (this chapter is to long to copy to the blog, so look it up!)
We have decided to turn the tree decorating into an Advent calendar in its-self. Last night Brant and I placed, trimmed and lit the tree so that it was grand and beautiful for the kids when they woke up on the 2nd Sunday of Advent! Then after church today we pulled out the kid’s ornaments ONLY, and the star and started decorating the tree. From here on out after our Advent reading we will give each of the kids an ornament to put on the tree completing it on the 24th of December with each of the kids new ornaments. I want to add here that we have been keeping an ornament journal (we adopted this idea from our friends Russ and Lisa) for each of the kids giving a little insight to why we picked the ornament, what the reaction was when they opened it etc. It was REALLY fun to read them to the kids today, we all chuckled a lot. We are really excited about this whole progressive tree decorating thing and have seriously been discussing this for about a year. Happy Advent!
Miss. Vi holding her ornament bag
Tage with one of his favorite ornaments

Simon with his bag...and wet shirt...oh well

Kiddos going through their treasures

End to a very fun afternoon!

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The Appels said...

Rachel, very similar to our plan with the tree! Very fun. Talk to you soon. Khiree