Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve Dinner

Place settings...Guess What! These plates are plastic that are supposed to look like china! We had 20 for dinner so I decided to find something nice and disposable...they were so nice we washed them in the dish washer and used them through out the entire holidays!

Christmas Ham!

Happy little girls!

All the kiddos...count them all...don't forget Tage he is hiding behind Vi.

Nolan brought his guitar and gave Tage and Simon a little lesson. Nolan wanted me to name this picture the 3 little guitar heroes, except our little rascal Ben leaped into the picture to make 4. I guess I could have retaken the picture but within seconds of this shot there was just a pile of boys tied together in some sort of crazy, tangled up wrestling match

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Casual Friday Everyday said...

Look at all those kids! Packed :)