Thursday, January 31, 2008

You Gotta Love Walmart...Or Maybe Not

I still do not have a new camera. Would you believe I went back to Walmart on Wed actually thinking they would have restocked? Well, they hadn't and so I went to and found the same camera for ten dollars less, and I got free shipping....wooohoooo! It'll be here in about a week. So until then I will be posting pictures with my old camera...that I found only after we had decided to buy this new one...remember it was lost thus the whole reason behind this whole camera fiasco. :)
Here is a little update on the kiddos...Simon and Ben are both still down with ear infections and Violet ran a fever in the early part of the week. As we go into the weekend I am starting to see everyone’s spunk level increase...even mine. Tage has an appointment to get his eyes tested tomorrow, we'll see if that proves a need for glasses or not. I'm sure many of you remember me wearing glasses at Tage's age. I'm not sure I can say that I looked all that cute back then, but glasses have come along way since the 70's, so I'm sure if it's needed we will get Tage squared away in some handsome little site enhancers! Enjoy the pics! Love to you all!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Never As Easy As I Expect

I thought I would be able to pop into Walmart, buy the camera, come home and start snapping away. Nope. I popped into the store alright and new exactly what I was looking for...but alas they had none of my top cameras in stock...figures. So, they gave me the standard "our new shipment comes in on Tuesday" routine. Lets hope that Tuesday will produce a delightfully wonderful camera and some new pictures of the kids for me to share. That's of course if I can figure out how to move them from the camera to my computer...details...that's what I have Brant for. :)

Cheers, have a wonderful Monday and I hope to be back tomorrow with good camera news!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lost Camera Yikes!

Ok, so I have not posted for a while! I can officially say that my camera is LOST! I am not overly disappointed as my camera was simple at best, so the idea of a new one is exciting! We are planning on purchasing a new one stay pics to come!

A little update...
Brant, Simon, Violet and Ben have all been down and out with some awful cold bug. They have all had low grade fevers and goopy noses. Then on Thursday Brant stayed home from work and Simon came down with a whopper ear infection. He had an infection in both ears and his ear drum was bulging in one ear. He cried for 5 straight hours on Thursday...JEEWIZ...This mama was one tired puppy. I got the kids to bed by 7:00 and I was asleep by 8:00. Tage told us the next day that daddy has an infection in his nose, Simon has an infection in his ears and I have an infection in my eyes (he knows he is getting his eyes tested). The good news is I think we are all on the mend. Lets hope for a better week. Keep checking the blog and watch for new pics! Post a little comment now and then, we love to hear from you all! I need to go now..Ben just dumped an entire box of Trix on the floor! Happy Sunday!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow Shoeing Trek At Mission Ridge

I have to thank Brant and my good friend Amy Lindman for encouraging me to go on this most amazing snowshoeing trek! Not only was it incredibly beautiful but it was a killer workout, and a wonderful way to meet and talk with some really neat people of all ages! I was actually very reluctant, partly because I like the "idea" of winter and snow and such, but when it comes right down to it, I DO NOT like to be cold. Have no fear people, it was not the least bit cold. We walked straight up hill for about an hour and a half. I was also a bit nervous because I had never snowshoed before. I felt a little intimidated joining in with a group of people who do this rather frequantly...ALAS!...All my fears and anxieties were quickly forgot once I strapped the rather awkward concoctions to my feet and began walking. It was a blast to be able to trek through the deep snowy woods that would otherwise be unavailable for people to enjoy in the deep winter months. It was so beautiful to see the untouched blanket of snow on the trees, and various other landscapes. I came back with a huge since of accomplishment (we burned over 1000 calories), I was soaked from a mixture of wet snow and sweat, and I swear I will be participating in this activity every Saturday I can until the snow is gone. This is just another reason I am so thankful God brought us here to the Wenatchee Valley!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Blogging 2008

As I write my first post in 2008 I sit in what hopefully will be transformed into an office in the next few days. Tonight we took on the task of moving furniture in almost every room of our house...except the boys room and the kitchen...alas, Violet has a new room, Brant has the long awaited and well deserved office and I no longer have to look at the computer and all it's mixed matched cords strung through my living room...Thank God!!!! We were so blessed to be given the cutest little notebook laptop that I will use, wireless ;), in the kitchen to look up recipes and check email. It also hooks up to the most amazing new surround sound speaker system that my wonderful husband gave me this year for I can listen to all my favoriate music at my most favoriate website...Pandora. All this detail to tell you we are becoming more technologically organized in 2008, which I hope will allow for more posts to the blog.
I feel like I need to put our Advent/Christmas posts to rest so here is a quick look at the last 3 weeks...Food,Fellowship,More Food,Lots of Celebration all with our lovley family and friends. Thank you so much for sharing the birth of Christ with us and we look forward to next year with eagerness and love in our hearts. Happy New Year!