Sunday, February 7, 2010

Perfect Light, Perfect Time, Cheerful Kiddos!

Remember those times as a child when you would play around on your mom and dad's bed? Isn't that one of the most comforting childhood memories you have? It is for me. My mom is the QUEEN of perfectly made beds, which made climbing in and messing it up so much more fun! Simon and Violet were playing around on our bed this afternoon and I couldn't resist, I had to take pictures! The lighting was perfect, the kids were cheerful and I had time...Three things that happen at the same time only on rare occasion!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Winter and Weekends!

Friday nights are usually spent as a family watching one of mine and Brant's childhood favorites. They are usually new to the kids which helps to keep everyones interest.
We are a larger family with busy kids and lots of energy, which makes winter hard since most actives are tailored for indoors....UNLESS of course you bite the bullet and invest in copious amounts of ski gear and hot chocolate! Which is exactly what we have done.
Here is Ben getting his stuff on before he heads up the hill. He can do it "his own self"!
Simon is the continuous "snow plow". The little person behind him is Ben.

Let's Brighten Things Up A Little!

SEE!!! Sunshine and now snow on Feb 2nd...Beautiful!
Lets face it. I have been in quite a blogging rut over the past few months. I see my blog address listed in my favorites and get a very unnerving feeling inside as if my blog is some bill that's long over due and I will deal with the consequences later by not paying! Yes, I am aware how unhealthy that sounds and frankly rather silly. I need to be posting and writing frequently so that we have some written evidence of our kiddos childhood since I am terrible at getting pictures printed. So here goes yet ANOTHER attempt at getting back into the blogging groove. I am starting by changing the background to something cheerful and spring like and posting pictures of our sunny day and my two young-ens coloring nicely at our table this morning! Simple daily pleasures posted here at ALL PEOPLES CLAP YOUR HANDS FOR JOY!
They sure are getting big!