Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Which is what he said when he appreared looking like this...
Because he was playing with this...NICE!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

These Are The Days...

These are the days to remember, are lyrics to a song that has no title or artist, at least that I can remember (FYI:I am really bad about knowing names of songs and artists). However, as I was sitting here clicking through pictures from our AMAZING spring day it was there first thing that popped into my mind, thus the title of this post. I am not sure how we so casually fit in all that we accomplished today, but I have to say I am so thankful for days like today and will pray before bed that we have many more like this one! Nothing really spectacular happened. I mean we didn't come up with a genius plan to fix the economy or automatically remedy the crisis of our diseased back yard...we just lived and spent time together. Early this morning I met the girls for a nice long run along the orchards in Cashmere followed by a little hike up to the Pinnacles, then back to Kim's house for coffee before we all dispersed and "really' started our day . Then we were off to the Apple Blossom Kiddie Parade followed by lunch, yard work, budget, meal planning, grocery shopping, BBQ, and then finally a family movie complete with cookies and ice cream. My love tank is full I feel ready for church and a healthy dose of sabbath rest tomorrow!
All of us at the parade. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Apple Blossom!
I'd say Ben cheered and clapped for one too many Jr. High Bands!

My lovely front yard!
More of the greens filling in around our big tree in the front.
Family movie night!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


One really good principle coming out of the Growing Kids Gods Way (GKGW) class is the constant reminder that we need to encourage and build up our children (duh...right!). By using lots of pre-teaching, question asking and positive reinforcement we can help our children desire to have a heart for the Lord thus leading to a heart for obedience. Over the past few months our oldest, Tage, has struggled a little with different school related issues...social and academic. While we know he is only a first grader and likely will continue to have school related issues off and on through out his tenure at The River Academy, we really want to nip these things as quickly as we can thus making room for the next bump...whatever that may be. My personal opinion is that God's timing for these little bumps is not an accident. These little bumps are falling on open and ready to apply some of our new parenting skills ears! One particular little bump we are working on is related to Tage's neatness, or lack there of and class room diligence. Tage is ready for the year to be over (as am I) and seems to really need a little extra "you can do it" push.
So we have decided to institute the "Tage ROCKS" jar. One of the jars is filled with rocks and sits ready for Tage to arrive home from school with "Outstanding" neat work, and/or a note from his teacher telling us he was really 'with it' in school today. Also, if while Tage is doing his homework and he comes across something difficult and tackles it like a man with no fussing or whining he will get to move a rock from one jar to the next. Once the second jar is filled with the rocks TAGE gets to pick an outing or date with Brant or I going and doing whatever he likes, within reason...of course. Last night he had a plethora of emotions surrounding his rock jars, thinking there were to many rocks and it would take to long to fill the other jar etc. While in the thick of his reading homework he read the word "astonishment" without an ounce of difficulty and I promptly moved a rock from the full jar to the empty jar just to get the ball rolling. He perked right up, became VERY enthusiastic and finished his homework strong. He woke up this morning cheerful and ready to do neat work at school so he could earn more rocks for his jar. TAGE ROCKS!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Every Violet Needs Her Own Garden

Actually we don't have any Violets growing in Miss Violet's garden!
Serious Business!

Doesn't everyone sit in their garden and wait for the flowers to grow! I love little girls!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Time For Sunscreen!

Lunch time today. Silly kids, warm weather and ooops...no sunscreen! They all were a little pink by the end of the day. That's ok, they were also super tired and very cheerful when we put them to bed. It's amazing what a little Vitamin D can do for the spirits!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

With lots of water and sun of course! Today Vi and I planted her little flower garden. She has sweet peas, poppy's and some pretty little blue bell type flowers. We are starting with seeds, I generally don't have much luck starting with seeds...we'll see. If we don't see sprouts in a few weeks we'll head down to the local nursery and pick up some annuals! Once we tilled the ground and planted the seeds Tage and I made Vi this cute little sign. She was VERY excited! The boys think they need a little garden spot too, maybe I can convince them vegetables are the way to go!

Something's Wrong!

Looks bad doesn't it! It's one of those things that continues to bug the dickens out of me, and yet I have NO control over it...I hate that! The grass (new this fall I might add) sits in the backyard all diseased and pathetic looking waiting for sunny days and water to help it wake up...I have done my part...Raked, seeded and given it TONS of water. It actually looks better than it did, hubby says it just takes time. I hate that!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Reminders Are Always Good!

Alrighty, people who read my blog...I just got a good old fashioned reminder about being in fellowship with those you love and feel VERY inclined to encourage you all to hop on over to Femina and read it for yourself! The post is called "Pick it Up," and talks about the importance of being in fellowship with our spouses and keeping short accounts. The author of Femina is Nancy Wilson and she is the wife to Doug Wilson the pastor of Christ Church, were we used to attend in Moscow, Id! Read the post, it's worth your time!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Seasons Change

We have officially gone from winter to spring and by the looks of Miss Vi we have also moved from toddler to big girl...ahhh...Seasons are a beautiful thing.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Pictures...First..

Here are some pictures of the kiddos in their nice looking Easter clothes. We went to the 8:00am service which worked out perfect for our full day of Easter celebration and fellowship! Hopefully I will post on our day of celebration soon...it was in my opinion the way Easter should be...more on that later.
Cousins, we were missing three of the 12 kiddos.
Madson Kiddos...Aren't they SO cute!

Simon and Nezzy....Handsome boys!!
Tage and Nezzy...can you tell Nezzy likes "photos"
Ben, and the cheeze grin!
Miss Vi, she looked so pretty

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And So It Begins!

Today was Tage's first game of the season! They played quite well and won their game 2-1. Of course that doesn't matter...right! :) Here are some pictures from the ball park, more to come tomorrow after Simon's first game. I am so happy we live about 2 blocks from the ball park, it makes this all SO much easier! I have to admit, I really like this baseball business!
Just to confuse you all, this is Tage about the same time last year! I think he looks A LOT smaller!

Back to the first game...Here is Tage and his good buddy Ronan.

Ben really thinks he should get to be in the dugout with the big boys! Notice, the new head wound next to his eye...

Vi waiting in HER chair for the game to begin.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vi's First Trip To The Salon

This is one of those moments that I am SO thankful that God gave me one little lady to raise! Today was just sort of a blah spring day, not much sunshine and just simply not oozing with that "lets play outside" feeling! Once I got Tage and Simon off to school and Ben down for a nap I pulled out the nail polish and painted Violets fingers and toes. Then while she was sitting on the stool I thought this would be a great time to give her hair a little "trim". It is amazing to me after years of giving Violet "trims", that I continue to think I am qualified to do this job. I often fret and grumble to myself as I am telling Vi to "hold still", "put your head down," "were almost done" etc...all the while I am horrified by the uneven mess that lays before me. My sweet little darling is always so complementary saying "I love it" and don't "I look so beautiful mommy!" Today was the day...Today was the day that I stopped dead in my tracks, looked at the mess I had started, picked up the phone and called Salon Capelli. They got me right in to my amazement and SERIOUSLY gave Violet the royal treatment. She has a darling "even" haircut, and feels as though she was treated like a true big girl!

Sitting in the chair waiting for the cut to begin

Vi was so still and cheerful through the whole thing

Miss Vi with her beautician Arland! They had so much fun together. Arland told Vi all about her daughters... and so the "beauty shop" talk begins!
Back view
Aunt Katie babysat tonight and Tage took this picture of them at the table. Look how similar their hair cuts are!