Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"The Ben" Turns 3

One day at Tage's baseball game our friends little boy was introducing us to different people he had met at the ball park. He came over and introduced me to his friend by saying "This is Mrs. Madson, she and Mr. Madson have "The Ben." We all laughed for quite a while at his most perfect, yet simple description of our Ben. Ben is quite frankly a unique little guy, as you can see from the picture above. He is the baby of the family and is still a toddler by grown-up standards but he has a deep BURNING desire to be six instead of three. He works hard at keeping up with his older brothers and has mastered many coordination skills that many six year olds are still working on. He doesn't exactly have a quiet gentle spirit, but he does give BIG, STRONG, LOVING bear hugs...you just have to be sure and practice holding your breath because they do take your breath away...literally!

We Call Him Daddy

Brant with all his kids...Note Carmel is in the picture ...

Some people call him Crazy,
Some people call him Nuts,
Some people call him a Saint (really...people in our church think he is amazing with kids...he really is),
Some people call him UB (Uncle Brant).
We know and love him as Daddy. Our leader, protector, full-time in-house comedian, and teacher of Gods Word. We love and adore him and are so thankful for his loving servants heart. Happy Fathers Day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Latest Dollar Store Find!

Every once in awhile you can't pass up a good Dollar Store find!
Hot Pink Gerber Daisy's...So Fun!

New Picnic Table!

After a sudden burst of wind, our glass patio table went from a single usable table, to a broken into a billion little glass pieces very unusable table! It was a mess, let me tell you! Brant spent hours picking glass out of the grooves of our deck with a butter knife, after his shop vac exploded from over use! Our good friends The Lindmas felt sorry for us and gave us this super cool and very useful old fashioned picnic table...We love it! Tage spent Saturday sanding it and I hope to stain it this week. Oh the joys of summer!


All I can say is this...

A-Ball Champions two years in a row!!! GREAT kids, AMAZING coaches, FABULOUS families...What a great way to spend the past 8 weeks!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Time For A Little Visit!

Everyone one needs to hop on over to my cousin Nell's blog today! She has posted two pictures of our most honored and lovely great-grandmothers. Out own little Miss Vi is named after Granny. Go take a look... Casual Friday Everyday

Friday, June 5, 2009

We Made It!

I was actually wondering if I was going to make it through to the end of the school year. The kids have been troopers and have just plowed through all the end of the year stuff without complaint. I on the other hand have had to remind myself to behave like my children...cheerfully plug along wtih out complaining...YIKES...It was hard! Here's to a summer full of lazy days, good food, sunshine, swimsuits, ice tea, sunscreen, baseball, neighborhood kids, lots of fellowship and good books! Call if you want to come over for a play date!

Tage's first day of 1st grade
Tage's last day of 1st grade...Oh so cool and a few inches taller!

This is much more of the "everyday" Tage!

Simon's first day of kindergarten

Simon's last day of kindergarten! He has grown a ton...If you ask me~!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Simon Is 6!

My six year old buddy!I love this picture! In my opinion it just screams boy!

On May 22nd my sweet smiley boy turned 6! Since birth he has had a smile that melts hearts and a sweet tender heart! Simon is a consistent, loyal little fellow who loves just hanging out with friends and family when he is not playing baseball! For his birthday he wanted to go bowling with friends, which turned out to be a GREAT birthday venue!! We had an all boys bowling party followed by a family (girls included) BBQ and cake party. I can't believe Simon is already six and will officially be a 1st grader in 4 days! Time does fly and these kids do change at rapid rates. I'm holding on, and keeping my eyes open so I don't miss these precious times with my kiddos!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Abundant Beauty!

Today I finally had a chance to sit down and digest the past 3 weeks, look over pictures and sift through over 140 messages in my inbox...WOWZERS!!!! This is the kids last week of school and then it's time for a bit of rest and relaxation around here! Aside from the rather insane schedule we have been keeping this past 6 weeks I was able to reach deep down and find that little spark of creativity that often gets stifled and stepped on in this season of life that I am in. A few months ago my very dear friend Sue asked me to help her with her oldest son's wedding rehearsal dinner. I was delighted and honored to be a part of such a wonderful families celebration and took FULL ...and I mean FULL advantage of being creative. Here are some images of the evening. Pictures really don't do it justice!
Brant and I the evening of the wedding.
Head table.

Seating cards.
I asked my friend Amy to do the calligraphy and then I added a little floral touch!

We had a BEAUTIFUL house to work with!

View from the stairs.