Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Church Dinner and Music Performances

Sunday morning we were greeted with about a foot of snow and single digit highs! It was cold and wintery, perfect weather for our annual church Christmas dinner! Dinner was homemade pasta with outstanding sauces (I love sauce!), lots of homemade Christmas cookies, arts and crafts, a beautiful music program, an all carol sing along and last but not least a fun filled evening of Scottish dancing! Our kids ate, sang, colored, sang some more and danced their little hearts out!
"Little Prep" choir singing "Personet Hodie" and "Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella"
"Wee Prep" Choir singing "Away in a Manager" and "Unto Us A Boy is Born"

The church dinner ended with a BIG dance! Here is Tage dancing with his little sis...I love it! Besides dad, he is the only man in her life!
Simon making a bridge!
Tage and his partner working around the circle


The Appels said...

Super fun, Rachel. Wis we could have been there. Khiree

Zarebski said...

Wow… I too love to go out for dinner & used to get it arranged through Restaurant.com.