Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Things I Don't Advise While Dad Is Gone

Don't move all the furniture in your house
Don't let the kids stay up past their bed times
Don't stay up past YOUR bedtime
Don't give the kids coffee because they stayed up past their bedtime :)
Don't try and decorate your house for Christmas
Don't put the most beautiful ornament you own on the tree, even if it is up high. Your 2yr old WILL still be able to break it in ways you never imagined possible!

We are only 2 days into our 6 days without dad and despite the list above I woke up cheerful and ready to start my new day! Most of my tiredness is all self-imposed, so I think today I will stick to laundry and other daily activities. No more furniture moving! Have a great day!


Paula said...

Oooo, you sound like Kelly! She is always moving furniture all by herself, like when she is ten months pregnant!
Put your feet up and drink some tea!

Signe said...

Send Laura an email.

How about don't spend all day revamping your blog :) Looks great though, love the tunes.

And just for the record, AGAIN,
you used to live just down the road from us. Guilt, guilt, guilt

Laura said...

Oh Rachel, I feel your pain! There is something most satisfying to the "my hubby is gone mood" in moving furniture around. I hope you find some configuration that makes you smile!

kelly said...

hee hee, I was just moving furniture myself today also! I cannot help it--it's an addiction. Good luck on your own--you know how much I hate it when Ed's gone! My advice: get the kids all ready for bed tonight, load them in the car (trust me, it's worth the hassle), get take-out of your favorite food (Red Robin anyone?), run home and throw them in bed then enjoy dinner and a movie all on your own.