Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Day..Wild Flowers and Good Company!

Thank you SO VERY MUCH Joe and Susan for sharing your beautiful hillside with us! We had a lovely time and enjoyed your hospitable company!
Summing it up with pictures!

What Can You Buy With Teeth?

The above missing tooth of Tage's brought a one dollar bill and a pack of gum from the tooth fairy. Little did we know that this lost tooth was the beginning of a mass massacre on the mouths of young children in our home over the next couple of days. The morning after the tooth fairies arrival brought new attention to the concept of loose wiggly teeth. When Simon realized there were goodies on the other side of lost teeth he decided he needed to step it up and participate in this game of loosing teeth. Before we knew what was really going on Tage was running up stairs yelling "We have and emergency!!!" Simon was right behind with a mouth full of blood and 2 teeth hanging...literally...out of his mouth! There was not an ounce of panic just a bit of concern wondering how much trouble he was going to be in for convincing his brother they needed to knock his teeth out so he too could get that coveted pack of gum and dollar bill. A few days later after we pulled the teeth and moved on, all filled with different lessons learned, I found Violet sitting in her room wiggling her teeth. I asked her what she was doing and she said..."taking out my teeth." Agggg!

If you haven't noticed...

I've taken a little involuntary hiatus from the blogging world lately. With the sun and warmer weather comes much activity mostly away from home which is where my computer sits lonely waiting for more Madson pictures and stories to be documented and stored. My posts are likely to stay sporadic, at least until school is out. Bear with me, I'll be back to normal soon...At least I hope to be...:)
Below are a couple of pictures from the Apple Blossom Run last weekend. We had just finished so our faces are super red...This is just the beginning of a new training season. We have a team working towards the Nike Womens Marathon in San Fransisco this fall....BTW...I am doing the half not the whole...13.1 is good enough for me!

My sweet beautiful friend Sarah and I super amazing mommy friend who had a baby 3 months ago and pushed both her newborn and 3 year old in the race! I love her, she is such an inspiration to me!