Monday, December 29, 2008

Latest Madson Kidisms

A few days ago I ran down stairs after what seemed like some serious screaming had erupted. Here is a glimpse into my conversation with Tage, Simon and Violet...FYI Tage and Simon had new swords and guns...

Mom: Whoa, what is all the screaming about!
Violet: They won't let me play war with them!
Boys: She can't play war with us, she does not have any weapons!
Mom to boys: Why don't you include her in a way that you are protecting her from the bad guys...
Violet (with every once of seriousness in her body): NO, NO, NO I don't need weapons I know KUNG FU!!!!
Today Violet and Tage were riding with my parents in their new truck to McDonalds. Tage looked over at Violet and said:

Tage: Guess What!
Violet: What.
Tage: Mom and Dad are going to sell Ben to Aunt Siggie and Uncle Rick, and then they are going to buy Helen (cousin)!
Violet: YEAH!!!


Elisa said...


Signe said...


I am not buying Ben!

But if you are making an offer on Omega let me know.

She did tell us yesterday that she is staying with you while we are in Ethiopia.

kelly said...

Ben's awfully cute--I bet you could get a lot for him!