Saturday, December 6, 2008

7th Day of Advent...Christmas Tree 2008

For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

The 7th day of Advent turned out to be quite a day, to say the least. We headed up to Stevens Pass with some friends to cut down our tree. Like always our tree outings never go as planned and usually have some rather hilarious story that we talk about for the entire year...remember last snowed like the dickens...we were all prepared to head out to this most amazing u-cut tree farm in Cashmere, only to find our selves shopping every discount store in town looking for that ahhh inspiring tree...This year we actually made to the forest, and even cut down a tree, but not with out several little snafoos along the way. I can officially announce that we have accomplished what I would argue to be the most definite Griswald Christmas Tree outing since we have been married...Why do I say that...Well because in addition to NUMEROUS communication errors between Brant and I as we were frantically trying to get out of the house and his ongoing server malfunctions at work, we were nearly to our destination about an hour from home when he realized he had forgot the saw and tie downs for the tree. I was already rather peeved about the series of snafoos that had happened prior to this (although I hate to admit it, it's funny now), and instead of getting angry or cry I busted out into loud laughter! I called our friends and broke the rather shocking news that we had forgotten all the tree extraction materials, knowing full well that they were probably expecting this from us, and had all that we needed, which they did. They of course, were cracking up and as you will see in the pictures below, they had a little joke up their sleeve for Brant. I want to add here that my dear hubby only forgot the tree essentials, the gas for the jeep, the oil for the jeep, and the air for the tires on his jeep because he was working hard around the house to get it ready for me before he left for a week...GOTTA LOVE HIM! And we have a beautiful tree, we had a blast in the mountains, once we got there, and ended the day with a fabulous dinner at The Holidays before heading home! Can't beat that.
I found the perfect tree! So Brent handed Brant the saw, hand saw that is...You can see Brant's plaid shirt as he is fully submerged into the tree trying to saw it with this bitty little saw. After we all laughed and tortured Brant a bit we filled him in on the details!
You can see how he feels about that!
The group heading back to the Jeep.
Vi and I

Moods changed once we got out of the car!

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Teri said...

Rachel that is so great that you guys did that all together! The pictures are great, it looks like you had a great day. Your kids will remember that forever!