Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Punctuation, Spelling Errors, and Typos...A Little Cheerful Bantor!

I have been fretting over punctuation, spelling errors and typos for the last few posts. Then yesterday after my LOVELY sister-in-law pointed out a little spelling error I decided to sift through my old posts and find this post that I wrote early on in my blogging career :)!
"Ok, so this is my life...As I was typing the title of this post Ben came over and punched a bunch of buttons on the keyboard. Before I new it a few screens flashed before my eyes and a message came up saying this message had been posted...Aggg I have not even wrote anything yet!!! So then I had to figure out where to go to edit a posted message. My point you ask? If things look half-finished or a little unorganized/frazzled, just remember I have 4 children 6 and under. They are often sitting on my lap while I check email or I guess writing on my Blog."Oct 07

Unfortunately I am still unable to sit in total quiet and type without several interruptions. In fact often I start a post, save it and come back to it a few times before it is posted. My original thought is either lost or sometimes forgotten, so I edit, and cut until I make something out of what I started...probably takes more time that way. All that to say...extra grace on the editing malfunctions...unless you want to be a FREElance editor at All Peoples Clap Your Hands For Joy! Nuff Said!

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FarrFamilyCircus said...

Here! Here! I've got the same age groups and the same issues *lol* I've actually learned how to position my chair so only one of the twins can climb on me at a time instead of one on each side!