Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Out With The Old...In With The New

Happy New Year!

Out With 2008!
  • Out in 08 is the feeling of newness to Wenatchee. We have been here almost 2 yrs and are defiantly feeling like we have settled into permanent residence!
  • Out in 08 seems to be almost everything baby! The crib is gone we have no more infant clothing and have given away most all our baby gear. I would like to say we are done with diapers but we're still working on that! :)
  • Out in 08 are 3 of Tage's baby teeth!
  • Out in 08 is Brant's adjunct teaching position at Wenatchee Valley College. He was fortunate enough to teach programming every quarter for a little over a year. He loved it, but has since realized there are many doors opening for him that would have been difficult to pursue while teaching! God is good and our faith continues to grow!
  • Out in 08 was our 13yr wedding anniversary
  • Out in 08 is my reluctance to run on a regular basis!
  • Out in 08 is all the unfinished...
  • Out in 08 is much more...I can't remember, which is fine because it's long gone!

In With 2009!

  • Flying by ever so quickly and changing in 2009 are the ages of my boys 7,5 and 2 and my girl age 4. They will be turning 8,6,3 and 5...ugggg...big kids are not far away!
  • In with 09 is a fresh perspective on much of our life!
  • In with 09 is a fresh look at our budget (we set new goals every year!)
  • In with 09 is a fresh look at our child rearing as the kids seem to be entering a new season of childhood.
  • In with 09 is the possibility that I may consider working towards future employment opportunities...lots of discussion...still lots of thinking and praying to do.
  • In with 09 is more baseball and swimming and adding soccer and dance to the list of extra kid "to dos."
  • In with 09 is a deep desire to run and exercise 3-4 days a week...also possibly train for another half-marathon!
  • In with 09 is also a commitment to continuing my blog, as I have discovered this is a great way for me to document our life and share so many fun, funny,creative,delicious, and random things with my blogging community.
  • In with 09 is much more that I can not even pretend to predict! Bring it on! We are ready!

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kelly said...

Good post! I'm going to email you soon about the running--get ready to think about Bloomsday and the CDA 1/2 marathon! Also, Ed plans to invite himself back for the Wenatchee 1/2 :)