Thursday, January 29, 2009

His Name is Noah?

Where to begin...Tage's first grade teacher is on maternity leave and has been since Christmas. She was due to have her baby last week so I have been asking Tage every day if Mrs. Rose has had her baby yet. I need to fill you all in on the fact that Tage has named this baby Noah even though Mrs. Rose and her husband plan to name him Josiah. Today I asked the standard question and here was my answer/dialog with Tage my 1st grader:

Mom: Did Mrs. Rose have her baby?
Tage: Yes, the day after yesterday
Mom: Did she have a boy?
Tage: YES...NOAH
Mom: Are you sure his name isn't Josiah?
Tage with a swift turn of the head: Ummm...Josiah?...Actually there are a lot of Noahs around...maybe we could name him Josiah...

There you have it Mrs. Rose, it would be OK with Tage if you named YOUR baby Josiah...there may be to many Noahs already!

THEN I addressed the "day after yesterday issue."

Mom: So Tage do you realize that the day after yesterday is today? Did Mrs. Rose have her baby today?
Tage: Uuuh..No it was the day before yesterday!
Mom: So she had the baby on Tuesday.
Tage: No actually she had the baby on Monday!

Alright does anyone know if Mrs. Rose has had her baby! Clearly we are very confused as to if he has been born, what his name is and what day he came. Boys I tell ya, they are not as observant and love to tell stories!


kelly said...

Boys! Ava would know the date and time and be wondering when we were going to visit :)

Jan said...

That is too funny! Boy, I miss not having your kids in my classroom, they would fill my days with chuckles!