Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Amoretti Debut Sale!

Click HERE and take a look at Amoretti's adorable, fun, beautiful, and lovely line of girls clothing! Bekah, the owner/designer/master-mind behind this fabulous clothing line is announcing her full spring line by allowing us the opportunity to buy early at 15% off! I hope to buy Vi the "Fancy Free Dress" in the "Spotted Cherry" fabric! How absolutely adorable is that! Have fun shopping!


FarrFamilyCircus said...

Hey! I was wondering if you were going to be able to come to the Creative Memories party?

FarrFamilyCircus said...

LOL...you should come anyway! Just hang out! Plus, they do other things you just MAY be interested in ;) If your available, bring a coffee for yourself and eat the stuff thats here and hang out ;)