Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pretending It's Summer!

On the menu for dinner yesterday was hamburgers...the inside winter kind cooked on the stove. I had found a delicious sounding recipe for inside burgers, with a brown mushroom sauce and was happy to go ahead with "my plan." Brant came home and saw the burger out and said..."Lets BBQ!" I figured he was thinking gas grill, you know quick to start and quick to cook! The next thing I knew he was standing in the kitchen, arms plum full of lighter fluid and charcoal briquettes fishing through my drawers looking for my candle lighter! I got a sudden thrill up my spine, started fishing myself for any sign of fruit and fresh veggies and VIOLA (thanks Sig for pointing out my spelling errors! ;)) I made a fruit salad and even had fresh lettuce and tomato for the burgers! I baked some oven fries, which were really the only thing the kids ate since they are all feeling crummy, but hey...we have LOTS of left-overs! It may not be summer but we sure had fun pretending! One other bonus...having the oven on to cook those oven fries turned out to be a huge blessing, since Brant was back and forth out onto the deck. The oven kept us toasty warm!


Paula said...

That sounds dee-lish! And you know, it is practically spring here anyway with all the sunshine!

Signe said...

Walla? Do you mean viola, or Walla Walla? I'm sorry the Madson in me just couldn't let it go. That picture is too classic, Brant should have been named Earl.

Thanks for the good laugh, I wish we could have been there. Actually that is on the menu here on Friday, wanna come over?