Sunday, November 2, 2008

Reformation Day at The River Academy

Lets see, where do I begin...I guess by telling you Tage dressed up as Martin Luther and won second place for most original costume. We sent him with a scroll that had Martin Luther's 95 Thesis on it, wrapped him in a brown monk type robe, tied a leather belt around his waste and wallla you have Jr. Martin Luther. He looked pretty good at the beginning of the day, however all the pictures I am posting are after games and stuff so his costume is in shambles to say the least. In some pictures I don't think he is even wearing his costume. Anyhow, enjoy some of the moments of the day with was a lot of fun for the kids and families!
The River Academy Reformation Day
Tage jousting with a stick horse and a noodle as his stick! The little guys took this VERY serioiusly despite its goofiness.
Tage ready for victory
Our very own Martin Luther.

1st graders on their line getting ready for the games to begin
Our friend Kimberly dressed in a lovely gown

Elementary and secondary students all dressed in Reformation period costumes. Everyone was gathering to start the field games...There was sword fighting, jousting, archery, egg drops...and something else I can't remember. :)
All these pies were made by students for the pie baking contest. They were our dessert after the feast
Tage and his teacher Mr.s Rose...WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HER!

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Madison said...

wow it looks like reminds me of knights fest at Logos.