Friday, November 28, 2008

Colorful Thanksgiving

Since we had 17 for dinner, and I don't have 17 of any one color plate, we went with a very colorful theme for the table. I loved it and I think everyone felt very comfortable around the table. I am so THANKFUL that God has given me such a fun and loving family to share my life with! Just so to give you an idea of our table here are our attendees from youngest to oldestBen 2, Helen 3, Violet 4, Simon 5, Soren 5, Tage 7, Eden 7, Karsten 8, Bronwyn 10, Brooke 12, Madi 14, Rachel, Scott, Brant, Signe, Rick and Pam!

My brother-in-law carving the turkey

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Michelle said...

I am sorry we missed it!!
Miss you, Love Mich