Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reformation Bread

Tomorrow is a big day at The River Academy! It is Reformation Day and they celebrate it BIG! One of the events is a bread baking contest. Kids are encouraged to bake a dinner type of bread and bring it to school for judging. Tage was excited about this, since he looks for almost any excuse to play with me in the kitchen. We decided to make a traditional loaf of french bread which I think turned out quite lovely. Believe me when I say HE did the lions share of the work.

Tage was measuring 7 cups of flour...He did not want me talking because he would loose count. I took pictures instead:)
See...Lovely...Isn't it!


Melissa said...

Hi Rachel---finally delurking. :) It was so very hard for me to just watch Chandler with his pie, so i photographed it too.

The final product from Tage looks awesome! I'm off to school to see the jousting!

Good to see you today.

Glory of Glass said...

hey Rachel, WOW that is a nice loaf of french bread. Way to go Tage. I wanted you to know that I got the invitation to the baby shower yesterday? It was on Oct 23 and I am so sorry that I missed it.