Friday, November 21, 2008

Hanging Out With Mom In The Kitchen

This is what Brant usually comes home to. I am cooking and the kids have taken up residence all over the kitchen. I know it seems a little chaotic...but I kinda like them close! Sometimes I can get a little crabby when there is no room to walk and Ben decides the dogs need to come in...I usually reestablish boundaries at this point and everyone gets back to work! Also, I just want to add here that we need to remember to encourage our kids to hang out with us! I used to want everything tidy and perfect and eventually realized that kind of standard stressed me and the kids out. I would get onto them for not being cheerful and I was just as guilty for the lack of joy surrounding my attitude! So here is a little having your kids around and tidy up after they go to bed! It actually ends up being less messy if they are doing something around you...I don't know why, it just does. For some reason they can sing, look at books, and play with something little and be totally content as long as they are close to mom.

We are usually multi-tasking between home work, coloring, reading, and practicing our choir music. I have to admit I love it!

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Most likely Jenn said...

Super cute! I thought the one of Ben coloring at the counter was Simon until I scrolled down to the stool!