Monday, November 17, 2008

More Favorite Things

1. Our Breakfast Schedule
I am in the process of learning my spiritual gifts so this "favorite thing" makes perfect sense due to the fact that administration is one of my gifts! Last year we were flying by the seats of our pants when it came to breakfast. We never had enough of one thing so everyone ate different things for breakfast and frankly breakfast just seemed kind of dull! We want to start our kids day of with a great big OH YEAH...and their day was really starting off with more of an ugggg...blah...its another day...At the beginning of this year I decided to simplify my meal planning and try and make it something that I could remember and successfully achieve and something the kids would love, remember, get excited about and leave for school/start their day with a loud resounding OH YEAH!

Monday: Pancake Puffs and Eggs
Tuesday: Oats, Toast, Fruit
Wed: Oats, Toast, Fruit
Thurs: Oats, Toast Fruit
Friday: Friday Cereal and Eggs or Fruit

Pancake puffs (aka dutch babies) are these great egg/milk/flour pancakes that you bake and they seriously PUFF into a gargantuan sized baked pancake thing...great for the wow factor when they come out of the oven!!!! We sprinkle powdered sugar on them and eat them with maple syrup or yogurt. For our family this fun pancake is just a happy, yummy, fun way to start off the week. It gives the kiddos serious full bellies and did I mention they are SUPER fun to look at when they come out of the oven!

Oats, what can I say about oats. They are just the best all around good for you, fun to doctor up, never leave the table hungry staple breakfast! We like to add a variety of things to our oats...brown sugar, raisins, coconut, peanut butter, honey, chocolate chips, milk, butter, apple sauce, canned name it we love it!

Friday cereal is the end of the week, time for a special treat, you earned it kind of breakfast. It does not shout out nutrition thus the eggs, and fruit we serve with it, but the kids love it! We have 4 kids and 4 Fridays so they each have a Friday a month where they get to pick out the cereal . It usually happens that Brant takes the kiddo to the store on Thursday evening to pick out the "Friday Cereal". It is starting to become somewhat of a tradition and a big deal for the kids.

2. Rain Boots...
In my opinion all toddlers need rain boots even if it is not raining! They can put them on themselves which makes it easier to get out the door, they feel oh so proud of themselves, and there is nothing cuter than rain boots on the wrong feet!


The daddy and mommy of the gang said...

Hi there, we just had some dutch babies for dinner a few nights ago. Claire calls them "yummy, yummy babies!" They are a big hit here at our house, too! Love you guys, Khiree

Paula said...

Amen to the Rain Boots! I will never live without them again! I bought Kayte and Will their first pair from Osh Kosh a year ago. They were kind of pricey but I thought they were cute. They are still wearing them daily, year-round, so I definitely would pay twice their original price today! My favorite thing about them is that they can get muddy and I don't care cause they are only wearing them back out into the mud again anyway! And all their other shoes stay nice and clean!
Good one Rachel!

Most likely Jenn said...

Hey, Khiree,
May I be invited to your blog, please? I'm not sure how that works, but I clicked on the blue text next to your picture but I couldn't get to your blog. Thanks!
J. Eck

FarrFamilyCircus said...

great ideas...I'll need the recipe for your dutch babies! I really need to get more organized in my baking so I can get more of a routine down for our finances...grrrr...I hate that part!

Jen Welch said...

My dear friend!
Can I say a hearty," Amen Sister!" to the whole schabang? I LOVE my breakfast schedule too, especially because if someone wakes up on the wrong side of the be and for some reason doesn't like that mornings breakfast they can simply look on the schedule and be happy about what's yet to come. And what can I say about the boots? We are wholeheartedly a boot family, especially now that Mia has her's (she wanted to wear them to school today, but the thought of getting an OU was less than glorious. She put them in her pack to change into RIGHT after school. Thanks for reminding me about my Peace like A River post. I have been wondering what we talked about for sometime, and couldn't seen to either think about it for long or remember it on my own. Ahhh . . .