Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chicken Pot Pie and a Schlitz

I know your all thinking we're high class right...Well surprise surprise one of my hubbies favorite dishes when we first met was the frozen Banquet chicken pot pie, (you know the one that comes in a small red box and costs about 25 cents) cooked in the oven, (not microwave) and served bubbly hot with a crisp cold Schlitz...that's beer for all you snobby dark beer drinking folks. Well, I have personally from day one made it one of my missions to cook NO frozen pot pies, fish sticks, or frozen burritos despite my husbands complaining and the rest of the extended families ongoing love to mock me about this particular topic. I need to write a blog entry specifically dedicated to my husbands infatuation with gas station food...but I digress...back to the pot pie. Tonight I made quite a lovely home made chicken pot pie that I think was quite tasty. The family enjoyed it and Brant said he thought it was good and he may consider it over the frozen long as he doesn't have to prepare it. The recipe is in the Hot Providence cookbook for those of you who have it. For those of you who don' me and I'll send the recipe right on to ya. It's a great fall/winter, warm you right up kind of recipe.


Signe said...

Did you serve it with Schlitz?

My favorite food related Brant quote is "I don't know why I buy the Safeway corndogs, they're so much better at Chevron"

That just has to make my Momma proud!

Jenny said...

I would love this recipe! ~ Send it my way please!

kelly said...

That is scary, Brant and I have more in common than I thought. Chevron BBQ Snakes and PBR...makes a great meal! That pot pie looks great, we'll have to try it.

Glory of Glass said...

I think it's a man thing to go to gas station foods when they are out site of women. My dh was just told by his dr to stop going there and to start eating healthier. So here's to you Brant, it will catch up to you sooner or later you better listen to Rachel she is on the right track. Good luck and by the way that pie looks wonderful.