Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What We've Been Up To Part 3

Yard Demo
We HAD a beautifully "landscaped" yard with no where for the kids to play. By this time next week there will flat areas with grass for lots of frolicking...

Bobcat carefully trying to preserve a 10yr old Japanese Maple. We are keeping some of the nice plants.
Still working on the maple.
Saved this HUGE burning bush...look at those roots!
Mass destruction...I hope it looks and works as good as I am planning!
No more driveway


Paula said...

You weren't kidding! That is some major demo going on there!
Can't wait to see the finished product!

Krista said...

So this (blogging) is what you'll do when the kids are in school! ;)

Um, so how are you going to get to your garage if you just tore up the driveway?

Can we come over and play when it's all done? :)

Rachel said...

I am kind of excited that I will be able to post more often! That means more pictures and stories for fam and friends, which is why I started this little blog addiction that I have.

We are parking on the street and can not access the garage from the outside...It's pretty crazy! And OF COURSE you can come and play when it is all done. Maybe we can have a MBS lunch here one Wed this fall???

Rick said...

More pictures. More pictures...