Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Me Puddle

Ok...this is a little pre-first day of school post. I'll get pictures posted later today. I just have to journal about this, crazy, awesome, exciting, depressing, sad,exhausting day I am having! I could hardly wait for this day to arrive. Summer was too long, we were all running out of stuff to do, I was completely OUT OF STEAM, and emotionally I have been a train wreck over the last couple of weeks. There I said it openly, and have been feeling like an awful guilty mother for having such thoughts. I have been talking a lot with Brant about routine, setting schedules and it just didn't seem to make any sense to start anything until school started...So here I am the first day of school, we have established a pretty good schedule and I am finally sitting all by myself with two hours of ME time and I am a puddle!!!!! I can honestly say I miss my kids and the craziness! I think some of the puddleness is sadness to have them gone, but I can honestly say some of it is also a since of relief to get a little break. I must say this parenting stuff is hard work and I am so thankful God does not give us more than we can handle. Well, I'm off to blow my nose and put away laundry. I pick the kiddos up at 2:35 and then the three oldest have their first day of choir! Cheers to you all!

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Sarah said...

AWW!! That would be awesome! I would love to take pictures of my little cousins! This weekend I am going home to take pictures of my best friend and her son together. I cant wait to get them and put them up on here. When do you think you will be able to bring everyone down here? That would be so fun to get to see everyone! Thanks for the comment!! I love getting feed back on what I am doing.