Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving and Loss of Control

For starters I LOVE to carve pumpkins and I can be kind of a control freak about the whole thing, which is why I decided it would be more fun for everyone involved to have me take pictures. Four children and a daddy are fun to photograph in the midst of gooey pumpkin guts, sharp objects and power tools (Brant's idea, which was actually quite clever). The thing about my boys is they get right down to business, set their goals and complete them from start to finish in a matter of minutes. The result,carved pumpkins,that lack artistic qualities but are carved and serving the ultimate purpose, lighting up the walk way for trick-or-treaters. Enjoy~!

I guess we'll start with the finished product since I STILL can't seem to load pictures in order:)
Brant decided to put x-mas lights inside the pumpkins...I love my clever hubby!

This is Tage's pumpkin...we have NO IDEA what it is supposed to be!

Simon went traditional

Brant took the non-traditional approach to carving Simon's pumpkin.

Of course, the last picture is that of hands in gooey pumpkin guts prior to carving.


Krista said...

Cute, cute! We haven't gotten to carve ours yet, we may very well end up doing it on Saturday... oops!

Did you know that after you upload your pictures, while you're still writing your post you can just click on a picture and drag it either up or down to rearrange them? Try it!

Signe said...

i like the idea of christmas lights in the pumpkins!

Paula said...

Frankly, the shot of Brant with the power saw and the poor innocent pumpkin frightens me a little! You have much faith my friend!