Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vi's 4!!!!

It's just about time to start dinner and I have a minute to blog so here goes my first catch up blog (i'm really behind!)...
VI'S BIRTHDAY!!! She is a 4 year old red head that in our opinion is the most beautiful, smart and sometimes sassy little chickie around! She loves horses, grandparents, meatballs, singing and her mom, dad and brothers. She does not like to see injustice and has a tendency to stop someone in their unkind tracks and tell them to stop and ask forgiveness, she loves to look pretty and does not mind getting dirty, and would really like it if i stopped brushing her hair! She has an intense desire to learn and is trying to read on her own, we are trying to slow her down a little to give her brothers a chance before she passes them up! She likes people a lot but needs a little time to herself, she is our most precious Vi and we all love her dearly. I can not believe she is already 4!

Vi and her "horse" cake

Very proud of her cake!

I have to say I did a great job for some one who is NOT that creative!

We had a little party at the local pumpkin patch. The kids got to take a hay ride and eat their carmel corn in the TP made from corn husks...Then they all picked pumpkins to take home and carve...I love fall birthdays!


Signe said...

Nice cake. I finally made Bronster's last weekend! The horse is very nice, and pink to boot.

Krista said...

you totally went to the gau-sco farm didn't you! the teepee gave it away!

Casual Friday Everyday said...

She sounds like a delightful child. And totally adorable. Zane just turned two, hubby had a birthday and my 30th is tomorrow. Lots of bdays in October!