Thursday, October 23, 2008

San Fran Take 3

The Race
5 Reasons
Why YOU and I Should
Run/Walk the San Fransisco Nike Women's Marathon and Half Marathon in 2009
With Team In Training

  1. This is a great marathon/half marathon to walk OR run.
  2. San Fransisco is a great city to visit! There is fantastic shopping and dinning...Perfect girls weekend getaway!
  3. When you cross the finish line you are greeted by San Fransisco Firefighters dressed in tuxedos handing out necklaces by Tiffany's'.
  4. Through Team in Training (TNT) you will find/experience great motivation, training schedules, and new friends
  5. Fundraising proceeds go towards research for blood cancers, a very worthy cause especially for those of you who are directly effected by this disease.

Kim with her Tiffany's box
Kim, Val and Becca ran the half-marathon...that's 13.1 miles!

Boxes of Bling sitting on Limos

Becca and Kim at mile 11. Look how cheerful Becca is in this picture!

View between mile 4 and 5


Daniel Appel said...

Looks like some serious fun! I really would love to do it if we're around!

Rachel said...

YES Khriee! I would love for you to do this with us next year! I think it would be a blast. Have you talked to Daniel any more about starting a blog?