Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fun Weekend Retreat

Our church parish had a planned breakfast brunch at one of our elder’s homes in Camas Meadows on Blewett Pass Saturday morning. We were planning to drive up Sat morning with our egg casserole, have brunch and then bundle up in our snow gear for a day of fun in the snow sledding and snowshoeing. While all that did happen and we had a blast, we spontaneously were invited to come up Friday evening to stay in one of their cabins with another family. This turned out to be such a great opportunity! The cabin was amazingly beautiful and was able to accommodate all of us. There were four adults and seven kids and we had no space was positively delightful! It really felt like a retreat getaway. There were fun games, movies, LOTS of snow and LOTS of time for fellowship and getting to know one another. Our whole family loved it. We hope to experience Camas Meadows in the spring/summer. It was snowing while we were there so we did not get to experience the view, from what I understand the entire meadow is surrounded by lots of mountains.

On a side note, my friend and I were snowshoeing through about 6 ft of snow when we saw Tage following behind us. We were breaking the trail so it was not exactly packed enough for someone without snow shoes to walk on. He was hollering at us to wait so we stopped thinking we would tell him it was too much to be walking in when we noticed he had strapped on a pair of adult sized snowshoes and was trying to catch up with us. Something didn't look right and as he got closer we realized his foot had come out of the snow shoe and he was dragging it behind him. What a trooper!!! We got him all situated and he ended up snowing shoeing with us the entire time! He did a great job; I was super impressed with his stamina, cheerfulness and desire to hang out with good ol' mom and her friend. Here are some pics of the fun in the snow....

This is Tage snow shoeing twards the cabin we stayed in.
Here are Violet and her little buddies Ella and Lilly building a snow cave.

Simon and his buddy Marcus are sledding down the hill at the main house.
Brant is actually standing in snow waste deep!!!!

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