Thursday, January 31, 2008

You Gotta Love Walmart...Or Maybe Not

I still do not have a new camera. Would you believe I went back to Walmart on Wed actually thinking they would have restocked? Well, they hadn't and so I went to and found the same camera for ten dollars less, and I got free shipping....wooohoooo! It'll be here in about a week. So until then I will be posting pictures with my old camera...that I found only after we had decided to buy this new one...remember it was lost thus the whole reason behind this whole camera fiasco. :)
Here is a little update on the kiddos...Simon and Ben are both still down with ear infections and Violet ran a fever in the early part of the week. As we go into the weekend I am starting to see everyone’s spunk level increase...even mine. Tage has an appointment to get his eyes tested tomorrow, we'll see if that proves a need for glasses or not. I'm sure many of you remember me wearing glasses at Tage's age. I'm not sure I can say that I looked all that cute back then, but glasses have come along way since the 70's, so I'm sure if it's needed we will get Tage squared away in some handsome little site enhancers! Enjoy the pics! Love to you all!

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kelly said...

Hi guys...the kids look so cute! Good luck with Walmart!