Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Love This Place

I know I have t0ld many of you how much I love Wenatchee and all of the fun activities available to our busy little family. Well I discovered the most appropriate place to take the little ones when the weather is just so so and you really don't want to try and keep your toddler out of the knee deep puddles at the park....Drum Roll Please....Sports Gymnastics!!!!! I love it! I love it! I love it! They get a 10 in my book for being the most kid friendly...and I mean 18 months to grown up sized in town. They turn the gym into a seriously padded/matted room filled to the brim with trampolines (of all sizes), fluffy and firm mats, balance beams, tunnels...Lots of tunnels, balls, toys, rope swings, a big jumpy castle, lots of fun kid music, and super cheap snacks...because the kiddos work up quite an appetite. I did not have to worry much about Ben, except when he realized there was a live in cat in the lobby. He wanted to chase it around, but for the most part he ran and jumped until his little body could go no more. To top it all off...I think it's kind of a secret...There were only about 5 moms felt almost empty. I think I may become a regular.. OHHHH it is only 8 dollars per family! Come visit and we'll take a trip to sports gym...the kids will go crazy!!!

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