Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Violet and Grandpa's Outing With Joe

My father-in-law is an amazingly wonderful man who believes in giving his time to his grand kids! He is a fantastic grandfather who does so many wonderful activities with his grand kids like hiking, biking, skiing, fishing, riding horses, watching sporting events, eating ice cream, and watching silly little kiddo movies among other things. He understands that time with them is worth so much more than any physical object he could buy for them. All of our kids look forward to their time with "The Fishing Grandpa." Violet and Grandpa Madson have a special little bond because she was born on his birthday. She TOTALLY gets that they share a birthday and LOVES that she has a special little something extra that she can share with him. This weekend while we were in Colville, Grandpa took her out on her birthday outing...she chose to ride Joe, his horse. Vi, is bonkers about horses and Grandpa so this probably ranks right up there in the best day of her life.

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Casual Friday Everyday said...

Looks like a great time. Such a beautiful place.