Tuesday, August 12, 2008

15 Yr Reunion

This past weekend was my 15yr informal reunion. Classes above and bellow us were invited, which I think really made the evening a blast! In my opinion more reunions should be that way since most of us all had good friends above and below us! It was a lot of fun to reconnect with old friends, see their families, and talk about life. It was a pretty mellow event and overall I think a huge success! Can't wait for the 20yr!
Maggie, Sym and I
Kim and I
Here is a picture taken my senior year of the student body officers. Can you find me?


Signe said...

Wow, you all had a lot of hair in the 90's. You look great! Glad it went well.

Paula said...

I love the old photo! You are easy to find in there - still young, aren't we!
You had a ton of girls in your class just like mine. (9 girls, 0 boys!)