Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another Big Boy Bed!

It's official, the crib is gone and Ben has his OWN big boy bed! It was a BIG family event, all participated in the resurrection of the Loft Bed. I loved watching Brant assign all the kids to age appropriate tasks. It was quite wonderful to see them all happy, working together cheerfully to build Ben's big boy bed. I can honestly say Brant did such a good job managing the troops that there was no fussing or grumbling about being left out. He is a great delegator! I also have to say I am quite impressed at my children's engineering skills. I almost think they could have done it without him...almost...

Ben happy to be on his big boy bed

Ahhh...fast asleep!
Earlier in the evening...boys stopping for a picture
Hard at Work

Time for a little rest


Sarah said...

Hey Rachel this is Sarah your cousin! I had to get a blog for my digital photography class so I thought I would give you the link. Your kids are all so gorgeous by the way! I hope I can meet them sometime! Looks like they had fun getting Bens big boy bed!! Talk to you soon!

kelly said...

No more crib--wow that sounds nice! So grown up. I love that shot of Ben's little bottom while he's working! :)

Casual Friday Everyday said...

No more babies for Mama :( Bittersweet!