Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Officially 33

My "longest"friend Kim
Miss Vi waiting for her cupcake
Crazy Si
Ben quite impressed by the kid cakes!

It came and birthday that is! After a long day of celebrating and enjoying my family and friends I have to say it is official, I am 33! Brant and I started with a hike this morning up Saddle Rock, followed by a delightful breakfast out...wowzers that only happens once in a blue moon! Then it was home to a decorated house (thanks to Michelle and the kiddos!), followed by a restful afternoon and a pool and pizza party at our friends Josh and Ashley's house. Aaahhh, what a wonderful day my love tank reads super-full in all it's areas and I am ready to tackle another year! Wooohooo for birthdays~!


Signe said...

You left out the Happy Birthday phone call and serenade from your nieces and nephews. Happy Birthday!

Jen Welch said...

What a great day! I am so glad that you have a full love tank, God is good. Happy Birthday!!

kelly said...

Happy Birthday!! I've been thinking of you and Tage and your July birthdays! Give us a call when you get to town.

Casual Friday Everyday said...

Happy belated! You and I aren't far off in age...this year will mark my 30th. When did we grow up? lol

And may I just say that your Violet is down right stunning! Beautiful little girl.