Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hard Lesson For The Seven Year Old In Our Midst

I just witnessed my hubby play dad extraordinaire...even though it was hard to watch. Apparently he told Tage this morning before he left for work that all the baseball cards had to be picked up and put away by the time he got home or they were all going in the garbage. He came home went right to Tage's room and they were still strung all over the place! He went right to Tage and said I'm setting the timer for 5 minutes if the cards aren't put away they are going in the garbage. Well, as usual Tage went straight down stairs to get busy picking up and started playing, and when the timer went off Brant very coolly started picking up the cards and threw them all away (sorry Rick)...I wanted to cry because Tage came completely unglued emotionally...It actually was so sad, but a necessary lesson in obeying all the way, and right away. So, dinner will wait until after swimming lessons and I am hoping we have a little boy who's lesson turns into a desire to take dad seriously! GO DADDYO!