Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baseball Card Redemption..and STUFF

After everyone went to bed last night I learned that my hubby is even more of an awesome dad! See, when he and Tage were in the midst of throwing away the cards all over the bedroom floor he told Tage that all the cards he had managed to get put away in the box he could keep. In the heat of the moment that did not lighten the mood or sooth the pain but later on in the evening after lots of tears, swimming lessons and dinner they were down stairs just boys and daddy, about to sit and watch the Mariners game...Brant suggested to Tage that he go and get the baseball cards that were spared and they would sit together and sort what was left and see if there were any Mariners in the lot. Sure enough there were and I think Tage may have a new found respect for his cards in addition to taking dad seriously. There are not nearly as many to manage so he can organize and sort much easier AND he so far is making a much more concerted effort to protect and collect those cards in a tidy little box...Some times we all get a little overwhelmed with an abundance of stuff. There is to much to deal with and no where to put things..Once again...GO DADDYO!


Signe said...

They make three ring binders with pages that hold the cards. Karsten likes to be able to flip through the pages and see what he has. Next thing you know they can learn the art of negotiation by trading cards.

Rick said...

Hey, there are a plethora of life-lessons in baseball cards. You just proved it. You can thank me later.