Sunday, May 25, 2008

Simon Turns 5!

Pancake puffs, presents, the gun store, naps, more presents, chicken on the bone and a baseball game birthday party were how Simon filled his special day! Enjoy some of the pictures!


kelly said...

Happy Birthday Simon! I remember his 3rd(?) birthday with chicken on the bone and baseball cupcakes :)

Signe said...

Oh good the show went on without us! We were sending happy thoughts his way from the van. Now we know what not to get him for his birthday. Happy birthday Simon. Love the Schumakers

The James Family said...

It's fun to see your kids in all the fun that warm Wenatchee has. I haven't been checking blogs our recently so I need to start getting caught up! I can't believe Simon is 5!

Most likely Jenn said...

It's been so long since we talked! Happy 5 to Simon! How's the house selling?

Jen Welch said...

Simon and Mia look so happy about that cupcake. Does andyone ever feed that girl?! I'm glad he had a good one!

Nell said...

Happy Bday!