Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Have I mentioned how much I love my family? I have the most amazing husband who knows me better than I know myself sometimes, and always seems to know what really makes me happy! He made sure Mothers Day was relaxing and did not require much work on my part. We went to the most beautiful garden store (Flowers By The Brim) and got some herbs and a hanging pot of flowers for the deck. Then we went and got pizza for dinner which was a HUGE hit for the kids and me since I didn't have to cook (and I guess my fav. food is pizza...see below).
Here are some things Tage and Simon wrote about me in my Mothers Day cards. I was quite surprised to learn some new things about myself! :)

1. I have black hair and green and black eyes.
2. I know all about play dough!
3. My favorite food is peperoni pizza.
4. I'm 6ft tall and weigh 48 lbs.
5. I make the best pancakes.
6. My favorite thing to do is watch T.V.
7. Tage says I'm great because I help him.
8. They love it when I cook dinner.
9. Simon loves it when I share my gum with him.
10. Simon likes it when I love him.

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Kristy said...

Happy Mothers Day to you! Everything is so green and pretty in Wenatchee - stuff is so late to bloom here.

Looks like you're doing great - and the kiddos are growing like weeds! Mayer fam photos are posted here:

Next time you come to Moscow - let's catch up! I may be over your way in late July - I'll keep you posted!