Thursday, May 15, 2008

More Running Stuff...MUST READ!

I have an idea that would make this race thing more achievable! This year the Leavenworth marathon and half-marathon can be run as a relay! That would mean each team member would run somewhere in the ballpark of 4-4.5 miles! Doesn't that sound like fun! We could have a team name and shirts and stuff! Then maybe us ladies could even plan a night in Leavenworth...any takers? I'm in for sure!


Krista said...

So sorry! I gave up running after 4 years of cross-country in high school. Hope you have fun though! ;)

Paula Casebolt said...

Out of town that weekend! Such a bummer, cause I would totally do that! Definitely need to get this bod in shape!!!!
Plus, girls weekend sounds fun.
Next year!

Most likely Jenn said...

I got your blog addy now, so cancel the request for it that I left on my blog. I laughtd so hard about your mother's day cart comments! It's always good to know that your kids think you love TV. Ha!

Signe said...

I'm game if I can be the slow runner.