Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Break Part 2 -LOTS of Indoor Activities

We had an absolutely beautiful February and early March complete with LOTS of sunshine and warm dry days giving us LOTS to look forward too for our week and half of spring break. As I expected spring break arrived and we have experienced LOTS of rain, LOTS of wind and unseasonably cold weather. That mean LOTS of indoor activities at Grandma and Grandpas. Brant was in Wenatchee working so we were out numbered and I must say my parents were great sports! There were times where I just could stand it anymore and through the boys outside in the weather despite its nastiness. For the most part we kept the peace and engaged them in arts and crafts, egg decorating, and LOTS of make believe play with army guys and polly pockets
Pretty serious war games!

Grandma showing Ben how to build with dominos

Violet was busy with polly pockets the entire week!

Tage painting "A Sunny Day"....wishing we had some of those...:)
Painting in Grandpa's shop/ "Art Studio"
The "Art Studio" AKA Grandpas Shop

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