Thursday, April 8, 2010

Childhood Girlfriends

Dearest Paula and Maggie,
Our time together last week has been on my mind daily since we departed. I have thought much about all of the years we have spent knowing one another and how most of my memories of our childhood are vivid and bright as if it was just yesterday that Paula and I were dictating the Tremont Street neighborhood play or when I was seriously stuck on Maggie's bluff as we tried to head to the beach despite many warnings from our parents...I still don't like heights by the way. I am reminded of all the good times, sad times, scary times (mostly in a VW bus :)) and serious loss that we have experienced together making it nearly impossible for us to ever loose touch! All these years of ever lasting loving "baggage" has made it possible for us to pick up right where we left off even as we introduce husbands and children into the mix. Dear friends, please understand that I needed that day of laughing, reminiscing and catching up and I am so happy that we were able to make it work the way we did. You have grown into beautiful amazing women and I feel so blessed to have you as my life long friends! Please come visit soon! Love and miss you lots! Rach

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