Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break 2010 Part 1 - Lake Cresent Hike

Brant drove us over to my parents in Sequim on Saturday and then left Sunday late afternoon for home. He has one of the biggest work weeks of his career this week so we decided it would be easier if the kiddos and I were gone. We did manage to pack a lot in his 48 hour vacation. We got up Sunday morning, went to the early church service, and then headed north for Lake Cresent in the pouring down rain. Lake Cresent is near Forks (where the Twilight movies are filmed) and the Rain Forest for those of you who are not familiar with the Pacific Northwest.
Hiking to the falls
So cute!
One of the bridges we crossed.

I love the bridge!
Oh and this tree was just breathtaking!

Everyone loved the tunnel! See the rain coming down...Typical spring weather!
VERY wet kiddos~

After we made it to the top.


Michelle said...

Rachel I am totally jealous!! I wish we were there with you. But eventhough we are not there, you must go on without us. We love you guys...hope you are having a great time. i love the pics and the kids in their rain boots.

Designing Sweet Dreams said...

That looks amazing. I love being out in God's awesome creation.