Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh My Goodness We Made It!

Warm fall day at my parents. See the silhouette of the Olympics in the background!

Spring break is here and I am kicking it off with an extremely late night of packing! I can honestly say there is nothing I'd rather be doing?...Um, well I would love to be done with this part and sipping a nice warm cup of coffee with my parents, looking out of their beautiful windows at the rugged snow covered Olympic mountains surrounding the Sequim Valley...BUT first things first...RIGHT!!! My packing adventure is slightly different since we are hitching a ride over and taking the train back. Because the kids and I have to hoof it over the ferry and then a few blocks to the train station I was thinking less is more, what ever the kids can carry they can take. As I'm sure you have probably already predicted, this is proving to be harder that I thought it would be. There is between a 50-80% chance of rain forcasted for our entire trip which means rubber boots, coats and lots of layers. Thankfully Grandma and Grandpa have a rather nice washer and dryer. Well that's all for now! We'll post pictures of the week as we can. OH and BTW!!! I have a random comment to share. I decided to color my hair tonight too...that turned out wonderful, but the bangs I cut for fun are a big mistake...BUMMER!

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Michelle said...

Rachel I talked to Tage lastnight on the phone and he told me he was so excited to go, and wanted to know that I was also excited. I told him we were not going with him and he was sooo dissapointented. He replied by saying, "but I want you guys to come!" So sweet.
As you cross the ferry on the way home, just think of the last time you were there. Good thing you did not burrow my ergo!!
Have a great time! I am totally envious, wish we were there sipping coffee and going for long walks also.