Tuesday, November 3, 2009

T R E A T I N G 2009 !!!!!

I like to call it TREATING because that's really what happens! Our kiddos go door to door in our neighborhood and get little bits of treats and blessings from our neighbors who look forward to seeing them dressed up in their little make believe costumes. Some of our neighbors have special treats set aside for our children to make the evening extra-special. I love that we are able to go out and share our wonderful children and their imaginations with our neighbors. It's hard to reach out and fellowship with your neighbors during the week, but days like this allow for us to knock on doors, say hello, share a smile and sometimes a story and make that eye contact that we so often forget is important in our neighborhoods. I'm certain that our neighbors were impacted by the sheer number of kiddos that came TREATING with us, AND by their sweet smiles, abundant cheerfulness and their ability to love their neighbor in the meantime. After TREATING we had everyone in for movies, charades and caramel corn! It was a blast and ending the evening with piping HOT caramel corn was truly one of my personal highlights!
Quite the group! We had two parents dress-up. Castillia Cava was Cat-In-The-Hat and Beth Olson was Raggedy Ann. Good job ladies!
Ben was a pirate, Violet was Maid Marion, Simon was Martin Luther, and Tage was Commander Rex .
Tage and Ben were in serious character mode all day! It was awesome!

"The Corn"

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