Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dad's HOT!

Last night at Costco while we were sitting eating hot dogs and pizza....

Violet: I need to go potty.
Mom: Ok then (starting to set down my food so I could take her to the bathroom)
Violet: NOOOOO! I want dad to take me!
Brant: Why don't you want mommy to take you?
Violet: Because I want a "HOT GUY" like you daddy to take me....

SERIOUSLY!!!! She said that... I instantly started laughing and Brant responded with..."How can you say no to that"!


travelmom said...

Too funny! It is so good for dad's to get to be called "hot guys" now and then. I'm thinking that would have been a great time for Violet to follow up with asking for some money.

Sarah said...

She sure knows the way to Daddy's heart!