Friday, November 6, 2009

Being Mrs. Under Appreciated Is A Good Thing!

Wow! Being under appreciated or overlooked for a good deed or hard work is not something I ever thought would be a virtue. However over the past few weeks I have been studying Esther and while I have learned a lot about being a woman of strength, I have taken much away from Mordecai's character. Mordecai was a wise man. He was intentional in his actions, not acting out of rage, anger, selfishness or deceit. He was a content man who possessed a great deal of humility. After saving the King from murder by his own eunuchs, he was never given a proper reward and or recognition for such a noble act. He was overlooked for five years without saying anything! He continued to be faithful to the King and did not have that burning flame of bitterness brewing in his gut. How many of us can say we would be quiet and calm in a similar situation? Think about your life and all you do. Do you seek worldly gratification? Do you want people to honor and recognize you? The question is this: What are you doing? and Why are you doing it? I have been pondering this a lot lately as I continue to juggle my four children, my husband and various other activities we are involved in. I need to remember that I serve a faithful God who promises to love me no matter what as long as I seek to please and honor HIM in all that I do. The worldly gratification is like refined sugar, it is sweet to the tongue but holds no nutritional value.....

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travelmom said...

Amen - Lord, let my will be in accordance with thy will - and it will be enough.
Mordecai is a wonderful example of doing what is honorable because of our love for the God we serve - end of story. God, in His goodness, makes it right - in His appointed time.
I love this line: "worldly gratification is like refined sugar, sweet to the tongue but holds no nutritional value.." Definite soul food!