Tuesday, February 24, 2009

They Made It!

Grandpa Madson (he is staying with 4 of the older kids) called this morning and said that sometime in the night Signe left a message saying they had made it to Ethiopia and were at the guest house showering and getting ready to go and meet Nezzy. Right now they are probably at the US Embassy as it is about noon tomorrow and their Embassy appointment was scheduled for the 25th of Feb. Please pray that their appointment goes smoothly and they are able to have a quick approval of Nezzy's immigration to the US.

I apologize if my terminology sounds strange, I am not sure of the exact specifics regarding Embassy paperwork etc... :)

Things are going well here. Busy, as to be expected, and mostly sane. The lack of sanity comes on mine and Brants part. Last night I decided to purchase some new shelving at Costco, which meant Brant had to put together all the pieces and parts before the troops were up and into it in the morning. In the midst of cardboard, screws, and instructions I realized that part of my wedding ring was missing! We spent the better part of late yesterday evening tearing through all the garbage, all the Costco stuff, the van, and found NO ring. Bummer! Today I will call Costco and hope someone found it there. If not...Well, I'd rather not think of if not right now...

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