Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ethiopia Bound!

I have the grand opportunity of documenting the first stop on the Schumakers' journey to Ethiopia! Today, February 22, 2009 Rick, Signe and Brooke left Wenatchee headed for Ethiopia this evening, leaving us with their 2 youngest children Helen (3) and Soren (5). For the next two weeks we will have 6 children under our roof in the following age categories...Tage 7, Simon 5, Soren 5, Violet 4, Helen 3 and Benjamin 2...I know what your thinking... when I say it out loud or see it written like this, my heart speeds up and a fine mist of sweat starts to form on my forehead, but really it is going to be fun just fun. I have things planned...special toys put away that I can pull out in moments of sheer chaos, AND I have an AWESOME hubby that loves playing with the kiddos, and is also ready for our adventure! We feel so blessed that Rick and Sig are giving us this opportunity to participate in their adoption and we all can hardly wait to meet little Nezzy! Please pray for safe travels, and ease as they are united with their new little son.

Back sides...SOOOO Cute!
Brant is driving Rick and Sig to Seattle so I am a very single parent this evening! I kept everyone busy with movies and popcorn.

Rick, Sig and Brooke as they were about to take off. Most of the bags contain many blessings for the children and orphanages they are planning to visit while they are there.


Krista said...

Wow, fun times! You'll have to let us know how's it's going on Wednesday... :)

Laura said...

Rachel, you are such a good Aunt and friend, have fun!

Michelle said...

Let me know when your dying for help!!